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The Cox's Orange Pippin apple tree was first bred in the 1820s and over the years many, many varieties have been bred from it. Apple tree breeders are trying to replicate the top quality taste but at the same time avoid the pest, disease and other cultural problems.

Another major failure of this variety, as far as commercial growers are concerned, is the short shelf life. Picking the apples before they are ripe and then keeping them in cold storage is the current solution but this plays havoc with the taste and to some degree the texture.

We list below the direct descendants of the Cox's Orange Pippin apple tree with notes about their advantages and disadvantages. Only direct descendants are listed to keep the list manageable and meaningful. The list is in alphabetical sequence.

The GardenFocused approved supplier in the case of a Cox's Orange Pippin is Crocus, click here to go their informative page to buy this apple tree online.

To save time, Cox's Orange Pippin has been referred to by its initials COP in the list below

Parents: COP x Oldenburg
Notes: Similar taste, crisp, crunchy and juicy. Reasonable disease resistance

Allington Pippin
Parents: King of the Pippins x COP
Notes: Aromatic but not like COP.

Parents: COP x not confirmed
Notes: Cooking apple, very unlike COP

Charles Ross
Parents: Peasgood's Nonsuch x COP
Notes: Beautiful looking apple, dual purpose, excellent variety in its own right.

Cheerfull Gold
Parents: COP x Golden Delicious
Notes: Very aromatic modern variety

Edith Hopwood
Parents: COP x Not known
Notes: Yellow / green skin, crops well and regularly

Ellison's Orange
Parents: COP x Calville Blanc
Notes: Slightly aniseed flavour.

Parents: Wealthy x COP
Notes: Often known as Laxton's Epicure. Beautiful looking apples, good cropper, reasonable disease resistance, aromatic. Crops early, a winner by any standards.

Feltham Beauty
Parents: COP x Gladstone Beauty
Notes: Sweeter than COP, crisp and juicy

Parents: COP x Idared
Notes: Similar taste to COP, crisp and juicy, larger apples, good disease resistance.

Parents: Golden Delicious x COP
Notes: Much more yellow skinned than a COP but the same shape, bred in New Zealand

Ingrid Marie
Parents: COP x Not Known
Notes: Mild flavour, crisp and juicy.

Parents: COP x Starking
Notes: Flavour similar to COP but slightly sweeter, scab and mildew resistant, good for colder climates.

Karmijn de Sonnaville
Parents: COP x Not known
Notes: Best in cooler areas.

Parents: COP x Jonathan
Notes: Coarser texture compared to COP.

Kidd's Orange Red
Parents: COP x Delicious
Notes: Sweet, crisp and very aromatic. Not suitable for wet areas.

Laxton's Fortune
Parents: COP x Wealthy
Notes: Firmer than COP, sweet and juicy.

Laxton's Superb
Parents: Wyken Pippin x COP
Notes: Firmer than COP, sweet and juicy, irregular cropper.

Laxton's Superb
Parents: Wyken Pippin x COP
Notes: Firmer than COP, sweet and juicy, irregular cropper.

Parents: Falstaff x COP
Notes: Similar taste, aroma and texture to COP, crops well and has good disease resistance.

Merton Prolific
Parents: Northern Greening x COP
Notes: Slightly sweeter then COP, creamy coloured flesh.

Merton Worcester
Parents: COP x Worcester Pearmain
Notes: Crops early September, withstands late frosts well.

Red Windsor
Parents: COP x Oldenburg
Notes: Sport of Alkmene with a more red colouring.

Parents: Peasgood's Nonsuch x COP
Notes: Very resistant to scab and good in rainy areas.

Parents: Reinette Rouge Etoilee x COP
Notes: Tastes sweet with a crunchy flesh.

Parents: Golden Delicious x COP
Notes: Delicious flavour and texture but does suffer from disease problems.

Saint Everard
Parents: COP x Margil
Notes: Early cropper, self-fertile.

Saint Cecilia
Parents: COP x Unknown
Notes: Crisp and juicy, not a common variety.

Parents: COP x Unknown
Notes: Similar flavour to COP, self-fertile, good disease resistance. Fruit often needs thinning.

Parents: COP x Court Pendu Plat
Notes: Good taste, good looks but suffers from canker and bitter pit.

Tydeman's Late Orange
Parents: Laxton's Superb x COP
Notes: Acidic flavour, does not store well.

William Crump
Parents: COP x Worcester Pearmain
Notes: Heavy cropper, grows well in colder areas.

Parents: COP x Worcester Pearmain
Notes: Self-fertile, good appearance, excellent disease resistance, stands cold weather and late frosts well. Slightly more acidic than COP but sweetens in storage. A neat compact tree.

Winter Gem
Parents: Grimes Golden x COP
Notes: Similar taste to COP, better disease resistance and keeps well.